Sunday, 23 October 2011

 Right. It's the night before hand in and I have to say im pretty happy with how it's looking at the moment. The conference room has got some new light fittings (purely for decoration, they dont actually emit light at the moment) and I've also added an area light to make it look like the projector is up and running. I do love the shadows cast out by it and i think that room is pretty set, though it could use a couple little items to fill out the table if i have time. The kitchen is looking pretty standard, I've added some plain plastic style chairs for the table and a kettle and toaster to the counter-top. Making it look a bit more realistic with some cluttered plates and cups on the sideboard, and a backlight for the counter-top just for that added visibility. The reception area is looking pretty polished as well at the moment. with a nice art-deco style lamp in the corner to brighten the room and add some extra shadows for definition. Overall im pretty happy with how this is looking. Anything extra at this point would either go unnoticed or be purely decorational which i dont think i have time for. But if i find an extra hour or so towards the end of the deadline tomorrow i will add some bits in and hope for the best.

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