Thursday, 27 October 2011

Righty-o. Today I've been working on some more concept art for Joe's project which is now known as "The Izmarians and the Forge of Light". For now i think Joe wants to keep the content of the film a surprise so i dont think i could show the storyboard we worked on today but i can show you this. The picture above is depicting an angel, pretty standard. He has two wings (for now) and a hooded cape for that extra dose of mystery, he also holds various rosaries which i think he draws strength from, and behind him, the most kick ass halo I've ever seen an angel flaunting.


  1. I like it!
    Very imaginative, and I do love that Halo, (although admittedly I thought it was a tail before I read the description :P)
    The only thing I would do is add a few misty effects to the lightning on the morning star/mace weapon, other than that, keep it up!

  2. Realised it's not a mace just now :D