Monday, 17 October 2011

Ok. So I've been working today. i built a conference room which has filled that empty space in my office i was worried about. Which is good. Also i put a couple of props in there, some chairs, I changed the cubicle chairs a bit, made them taller and gave them armrests to signify that they are a little more expensive which suits the room and the "fat cats" aould be meeting in there. I've put a projector screen (lacking the projector at the moment) and an easel for presentation purposes. I've also put a little white carpet in the corridor, just to make it look a little less empty and finally I've added a corkboard to one of the cubicle walls, with a child's drawing (aquired through google but i may change it to a creation of my own soon) and a photo or two... so far so good. Had a tutorial this morning before making these changes and it all seemed to go well. He liked it. When/If i finish this week it'll hopefully have a lot more clutter....

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