Friday, 14 October 2011

Thought I'd do a little birds-eye view render so you can get an idea of what I'm actually building, you can see all the rooms previously mentioned plus and extra empty room (the conference room) which will contain a long table and multiple leather chairs, this is where the "big wigs" have their meetings and such. there will be a projector on the table with a screen on the right end of the room covering the glass wall which looks into the kitchen. there's also a little area between the cubicles and the waiting room. I'm thinking of blocking this off with a closed bathroom door, save me modelling a bathroom and then i wont have this random block of empty space. Also im thinking just so i can put a little extra unwrapping in there i'll put a fax machine in the bottom right corner near the cubicles. as what office would be complete without an outdated massive piece of obsolete machinery, also im thinking i'll put a water cooler between the top cubicle and the kitchen.

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