Friday, 14 October 2011

Working on the new environment project, im liking the progress so far, although there's still a lot more to do. So far I've made a small cubicle, a reception/waiting room, and a small kitchenette. At the moment I'm just putting materials on the props as i make them, seeing what i can get away with and what i'll have to unwrap. A lot of things in my environment i can get away with leaving flat textures on, although there are a few things i'll need to look into. I'm going to have to research more into opacity mapping as quite a few things in my environment need it; leaves, frosted glass designs on the walls and maybe some other things i haven't thought of yet, but other than the obvious lack of unwrapping and bump maps at the moment im feeling pretty confident on the matter. I'm hoping to finish the modelling this weekend so i can spend next week solely looking at improving the materials and adding extra effects, as well as rendering and lighting, although the basic mental ray lighting does look immensely capable and fits exactly the look i wanted to portray so i may just keep it like it is. Anyway, im starting to ramble so i'll just leave this be for now. back to work i go.

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